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About the art we resell

On the onset, we would like to introduce you to a collective reference guide which showcases arts we source from all over. Our team is travelling far and wide to find rare talents in 3Dvisual arts like metal artworks, sculptures, artefacts, exclusive time pieces and even installations. This project is an extension to our highly successful business in retailing luxury doors and windows which we source from Europe. Our experience in the industry speaks volumes of our work. Working with well-known luxury architects and interior designers in India, we believe that such a collaboration will not only improve both our synergies but also help us grow mutually.

Our reference guide is a collection of all the types of 3D visual art and more which as a team we collect and promote. We have carefully selected the types of material used, finishes, designs which will keep your house beautiful for years to come. 

Further extending our reach as on installation art expert, we plan to take commercial projects under our portfolio real soon. From metal artwork, handcrafted artefacts to street art we have artist to spread a positive message whenever needed. 

 We are on a constant endeavour to find new talent, artists and curators so if you are one, or think can bring a fresh change in your life or our society you can get in touch with our R&D team at We would be happy to help. 

you can also log on to for more information. 


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