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Aluminium Wood systems

Global Homez is proud to represent Alu-Wood systems from Italy. The strength of aluminium. The beauty and charm of wood. Profiles intended for residential and commercial solutions in refined styles, with the accent on the aesthetic but never at the expense of performance. A variety of systems for sliding or hinged installations.

Apart from being sleek, strong these ALU-WOOD systems are designed to meet different levels of heat insulation. This insulation level is called the U-value. The lower this U-value is, the higher the heat insulation. Profiles also have a unique gasket seal for a continuous acoustic seal, to ensure the complete insulation for better living.

For ALU systems, the insulation value is defined by the profiles, in combination with the gaskets. Of course, the choice for the correct glazing also has a big impact.  Special acoustic glazing will increase the performance drastically.

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Reynaers Aluminium System Belgium

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  While GLOBAL HOMEZ is an affordable arm with Indianized system, LUXUS FAÇADE is a premium Distributor/retailer of one of the world’s finest aluminium-Wood, WOOD, Wood-Aluminium doors & windows from around the globe. Windows which are sustainable and offer innovative solutions for heat, sound, and security. 

Machine made, handcrafted in Italy/Belgium and Spain, we have a history to boast about with industry experience in which we have completed projects in North India and beyond. Premium residences in Lutyen area in Delhi to private villas in prime locations in Kolkata, Chandigarh and even Lucknow, India which is fitted with world-class doors and windows offering exceptional security, sound and heat insulation. To this end, LUXUS FAÇADE products are found on some of our nation’s finest homes. 

  On the onset, we would like to introduce a collective reference book which showcases all the doors and windows which are manufactured around the globe. Our experience in the industry speaks volumes of our work. Working with known luxury architects and designers in India, we believe that such a collaboration will not only improve both our synergies but also help us grow mutually.

We recognize that LUXUS FAÇADE is not for everyone. But, if your project demands no compromises in detail, function, and craftsmanship, you will find the qualities met and exceeded with LUXUS FAÇADE Fine Windows and Doors. 

We invite you to discover LUXUS FACADE Knowledgeable and helpful staff respond to your inquiries within a few hours. you can also log on to for more detailed information about the product catalog we offer. We look forward to hearing from you. log on to to know more   

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